Mouth Ulcers

occurs when the delicate lining or mucous membrane in the mouth has been eroded.

Some common types of ulcers in the mouth

1 Traumatic ulcer- for example, 

    a)  accidentally biting on the cheek.

    b)  sharp teeth

    c)  rubbing against denture or braces

Patient with dry mouth is more prone to ulcers due to lack of lubrication in the mouth

3  Hygiene related ulcers d due to poor oral hygiene

4  Burns from eating hot food

5  Related to stress, impaired immune system eg diabetes, nutritional deficiency such as lack of Vit B12, folic acid, etc ulcers called apthous ulcers are common.

6  Related to systemic disease like Coeliac disease and Crohn's disease, apthous ulcers can occur.


1 Symptomatic-ulcer creams, mouth wash, dental paste may relieve the pain 

2 Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent secondary infection.

3 Removal of the underlying cause eg trauma from sharp filling or systemic disease.

Ulcers will heal with time but after 10 to 14 days, if there is no healing, further investigation is justified.


A painful ulcer caused by the soft tissue trapped between the upper and lower wisdom teeth.


1 Removing one wisdom tooth would prevent further episode but since the opposing tooth becomes non functional, can be considered for removal.

2 Salt water rinse

3 Painkiller

4 ulcer cream may be applied if needed..