Tooth Sensitivity and Facts

By Dr Rosalind Ho BDS (Spore) MFGDP (UK)

By Rosalind Ho from Canva.oom

Tooth sensitivity happens when hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods or drinks are consumed. Sometimes breathing or sucking in air can cause this unpleasant sensation too.

How to manage tooth sensitivity

1 Check with the dentist to treat any disease in the mouth such as decay and gum problems.

2 Correct brushing technique to reduce further damage to gums and exposure of roots

3 Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Causes of tooth sensitivity 

1 Enamel and tooth wear that is due to;

Aggressive brushing technique wearing teeth surfaces 

Teeth grinding result in wear and exposure of underlying dentine

Gum disease with pockets exposing roots that have nerve supplies 

Acid erosion from acidic foods and acidic mouthwashes resulting in erosion of enamel

High sugar foods and drinks 

Chipped or fractured teeth

Decay or leaky fillings

Recent dental procedures( usually temporary)

2 Gum recession due to;

Vigorous and wrong brushing technique that causes gums to recede and roots to wear— abrasion cavities

Gum disease where there is pocketing and bone loss where roots are exposed 


Night grinding 

Ingredients in toothpaste that are used to reduce sensitivity of teeth

1 Pro-argin formula

2 Cal-seal technology further fortified pro-argin protective layer.

3 potassium nitrate 

4 sodium fluoride 

5 stannous fluoride

6 Strontium chloride

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