Digital Dental Technology

This is the use of modern technological and digital tools that have been invented to enhance the smooth practice of dentistry.

With the advent of digital technology, we make ;

1 dentistry a more enjoyable practice for our dentists.

2 procedures more comfortable and faster for the patients.

3 sure that we save time

4  patients aware that we are a progressive practice to meet their demands.


The Orthophos XG is a 3 D machine

1 produces best image with lowest possible dose

2 takes only several seconds for the scan

3 accurate planning of implant case when assessing bone and vital structures

4 Used in wisdom tooth surgery to assess proximity to nerve and sinus

5 safe practice

xray express

The express digital xray machine

1 develops digital xray instantly

2 lasting records in the PC

3 retrievable anytime

4 image can be attached in emails .

sybronendo machine

The Sybron Endo motor is for root canal treatment

1 Helps in the treatment of difficult cases like small and curved canals in molars

2 Speed up the treatment

3 Adaptive motion technology makes it less prone to file fractures and better cleaning.

4 Less operator fatigue.

dental camera

The digital camera is a diagnostic tool

1 Educational to patient as it shows the lesion

2 For inaccessible areas, patient can now believe there is a problem

3 Can show craze lines, cracks in tooth very clearly and advise patient accordingly.

3shape trios move

The latest technology device is our digital oral scanner known as 3Shape Trios. It has the following benefits;

1 More accurate impression taking and speed.

2 No more messy impressions in the mouth and pouring of models in the clinic.

3 Digital records which can be easily transferred. In a pandemic, it reduces physical contact from pick up to despatch to the laboratory.

4 Better understanding of the patient's oral condition.