Root Canal Treatment

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What is root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is done when a tooth is badly damaged by decay to the extent that the nerves in the pulp are infected and causing pain. By removing the contents (nerves and blood vessels of the pulp), the tooth is rendered 'dead' or non vital and infection is controlled. But a dead tooth is brittle with time and would require a crown to strengthen it.

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Steps in a root canal treatment

The tooth is accessed and the pulp in the pulp chamber and the root canals are removed.

Xrays are used to determine its proper length to the apices of the roots, the canal walls are carefully filed and rinsed with disinfecting solution and the tooth is dressed with antiseptic. Tooth is temporarily filled

When there are no more signs and symptoms, the root canals are filled with inert gutta percha and the pulp chamber and tooth filled as well with a strong filling. A crown would be recommended.