Periodontitis ( Disease of gums and supporting structures)

This is gum disease that affects the bone and the supporting tissues. Unchecked, it will certainly lead to teeth loss.

Signs and Symptoms

1 Tooth mobility of varying degrees

2 Tooth elongation and inclination such as tilting

3 Gum recession( as bone resorbs due to inflammation and gum level follows bone level)

4 Gum pocketing- a calibrated probe can show a channel or trough between tooth and root surface. The deeper the pocket, the poorer the prognosis.

5 Bad Breath- often due to putrefaction (decomposition) in the deep recesses of the gums.

6 Tooth Sensitivity- This is related to the gum recession as roots with nerve endings are exposed.

7 Tenderness to biting and percussion with the dental instrument during check up

8 Abscess- In severe periodontitis, pus is formed and may or may not discharge through the gums

9 Pain, swelling and bleeding of different degrees .......may be painless

Periodontitis is a silent disease