Implant Overdenture is a denture that is connected to implants placed in the jaws. The purpose is good retention so that patient can function better in eating and speech.

Disadvantages of normal dentures

1 Gradual Bone loss due to pressure on the underlying tissues over time

2 Can be unstable because of tongue movement         

3 Pain of soft tissues caused by the denture

4 Possibility of food and plaque trap and fungal infection if denture hygiene is poor.



1 an upper denture held by implants in the upper jaw.

 2 Here, the denture is fixed to the jaw through screw holes which are covered. It is easily retrieved for any repair.

3 The dentist will show how denture hygiene can be maintained.


1 Below is an over denture that is stabilized by two implant fixtures and also retained by patient's upper right implant bridge.

2 The denture needs regular removal for cleaning.

3 The cost is lower than a fixed choice as more implant fixtures are needed in the latter case.


Benefit of Overdentures

1 allow attachment to implants through locators that keep denture stable which provides a sense of security

2 maintain bone volume.

3 the denture can be reduced in size because of better retention

4 In cases where dentures cannot be tolerated because of bony protruberances

* A lower overdenture needs two implants but an upper one needs at least four implants as the bone is usually less dense.