When a tooth is lost, the following functions are affected:

1 Eating - cutting food with the front, tearing meat with the canines and grinding or chewing with the molars.

Losing one tooth is equivalent to losing two and the opposite tooth cannot function too.

2 Aesthetics- Nice , clean teeth boost a person's confidence and self esteem

3 Speech - Clarity during speaking

4 Space Maintainer -When a tooth is lost, neighbouring teeth tends to tilt into the space and the opposing tooth can over-erupt.

5 Bone resorption occurs with time and may require bone graft before inserting an implant.



The opposite molar has erupted following the loss of a lower molar.

Hence it has become non functional.

At this stage, restoration of a lower molar requires some treatment on the upper to level the plane. Therefore, it is better to treat early when a tooth is lost.


Another clear view of the over-erupted upper molar when the lower extracted molar was not replaced over a period.