Dry Socket

Dry Socket is an infection of a tooth socket condition following a tooth removal. Also known as Alveolar Osteitis.


How dry socket happens

1. After extraction, the socket does not have a healthy blot clot.

2 Blood clot breaks down leaving bone and nerve exposed.

3 It becomes a food trap leading to infection.

Signs and Symptoms:

1 It is extremely painful

2 dry or whitish socket seen

3 there may be pus discharge.

3 Bad breath and unpleasant taste

4 patient may feel feverish

5 typically happens about two days after extraction


Patients predisposed to dry socket

1 Pre-existing infection

2 Difficult or traumatic removal of tooth

3 Smoking- is known to reduce blood supply to site

4 Dense jaw bones

5 Female who take birth control pills. Certain hormones may increase risk.

6 poor oral hygiene

7 repeated rinsing and spitting may increase risk of dry socket formation.


1 Contact the dentist so that the extraction site can be cleaned.

2 He or she would plug the socket with a medicated paste

3 Dentist would prescribe antibiotics and painkillers.

4 Patient to gently rinse with anti bacterial mouthwash or warm saline water.