Dentures and types

Dentures are to replace missing teeth.

Effects of tooth loss

Dentures are not easily tolerated so with advances in dental science, there have been vast improvements in materials and options.

1. Acrylic denture . The material is resin. As it is hard and of a certain thickness, it may feel uncomfortable .

2. Flexible type. It flexes, is soft and comfortable. The supporting hooks may be colorless or gum colored and so is more esthetic . Flexi dentures indication depends on design.

3 Chrome Cobalt denture.  It has a vitallium base combined with acrylic teeth. This transmits hot and cold during eating and drinking.

Full dentures replace an edentulous mouth where all the teeth are missing. It can be challenging when bone has resorbed or thinned over the years.

dentures-1024x475 (2)

    Full Acrylic Denture

       Chrome Cobalt Denture

Flexible Resin Denture

The patient could seek options like bridges,  implant overdenture depending on the missing teeth in the mouth.


Denture Care

1 Remove dentures before bedtime, wash and brush and kept soaked in water.

2 Use denture tablets to disinfect these prostheses.

3 Do not wear continuously. This can result in;

a) decay of existing teeth due to plaque and food accumulation

b) gum disease

4) Candidiasis  which is a fungal infection where the overlying tissues often look very red.