We are a team of dedicated dental surgeons. We aim to provide a high standard of dental care to our patients. Together with our assistants , we hope that patients will find our service professional and stay committed to a high level of oral health.


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Dr Rosalind Ho BDS (SPORE) MFGDP (UK)

1 She has over 30 years of experience in General Dentistry. She also has a keen interest in implants as well as braces.

2 She is a member of the Singapore Dental Association and registered with Singapore Dental Council as a general practitioner.

3 Dr. Rosalind Ho graduated from the National University of Singapore in the 80s. Subsequently, she obtained her MFGDP (UK) several years later.

4 She is very keen on dentistry and has evolved with the changes in this field. Her mantra is " Do what you love and you will love what you do".

5 Outside of dentistry, she loves traveling to understand the different cultures of the world. She also enjoys scuba-diving, reading, learning languages, and yoga classes.

6 Dr. Ho also volunteers at the Redhill free dental clinic on some Sundays. Occasionally, she joins overseas dental mission trips organized under Tzu Chi Foundation.

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Dr Oh


Dr. Oh Xue Ling

1 She graduated from the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Her gentle and patient demeanor makes her well-liked by her patients.

2 Dr. Oh has practiced in both suburban and rural areas in Australia and accumulated a lot of experience from treating patients of varying backgrounds.

3 She is a firm believer in patient education and patient communication. She wants to empower her patients to be engaged in their oral health. She also seeks to alleviate the dental fears in her patients. This so to ensure that her patients' experiences are as comfortable as possible.

Our objective is to deliver a smooth and pleasant dental experience for our patients. Today's material advances and technological improvements have impacted dentistry immensely. As a result, we are able to provide dental treatment with predictable success.

Our vision is to engage younger dentists in this exciting, enjoyable career. Together, we will solve increasing dental needs with ease and success.

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Dental assistants Irene Mah and Angelica--- experienced, cheerful, attentive and dedicated to the dental practice.

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