Welcome to our dental surgery!

Shenton Dental Surgery Pte Ltd is an established general dental practice. Our dental clinic provides comprehensive and affordable dental care.

We aim to make dental treatment a pleasant experience and uphold the high standard of dentistry in Singapore. 

Fear deters people from seeking dental treatment.  Our experienced dentists will make sure that patients feel very comfortable on our chair during any procedure.

We keep up with the advances in dental equipments/materials development as we believe in delivering excellent results.

However, it must begin with a good diagnosis and treatment plan.

We welcome feedback from patients.

This is to enable us to evolve with the changing times and render the desired dental services.

Dental Services

Preventive Dentistry (teeth cleaning)

Gums and teeth cleaning

are very important so read more..

Dentures, Crowns and Bridges

Missing teeth should be replaced as there are many side effects. Many options available.                         

Dentistry for Kids

Treating children needs alot of patience. 

Our aim is to make them patients for life.


Our surgery uses the most current materials. There is a wide selection with good function and aesthetics.

Wisdom tooth removal

Our experienced dentists would advise removal of wisdom teeth that would cause potential harm to neighbouring tooth. Therefore, do assess early!


Implants are important options to dentures, crowns and bridges. As a result, do find out  how your lifestyle can be vastly improved.

Dental Braces

We offer many systems of braces to suit patients' needs. This is because system has its advantages and disadvantages. 


Teeth become discolored with time and can be whitened for a fresher look. Therefore, we recommend a consultation to determine the causes of the staining to ensure optimal results.

Root Canal Treatment

Extraction of teeth should always be the last resort. Consequently, we would first assess that the tooth can be salvaged by root canal treatment  and be restorable. 

Night Grinding/Bruxism

Night grinding / clenching is a very common phenomenon. Hence, we strongly advise patients to protect teeth and supporting structures from further damage.

Govt subsidy   Have you apply for it? - Merdeka,  Chas and Pioneer cards.

Chas - Scaling and Polishing $35 to $40 

Merdeka - Scaling and Polishing $25

PG - Scaling and Polishing $0

chas cards

* OUR PHILOSOPHY * at Shenton Dental Surgery

1  We look at dental issues as part of total health as dental problems may signal underlying systemic disease.

2  We get a good diagnosis to eradicate the root cause of the problem

3  Our dental clinic strongly believe in prevention, early intervention, minimally invasive procedure.

4  Dental education is the order of the day

5 Patients leave the clinic happy, enlightened, and motivated to maintain a high standard of oral health.


Shenton Dental Surgery

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